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First of a series

Today nanny agencies are feeling increasingly pressured by online nanny services. For the majority of agencies most of their clients and candidates are listed in one or more of these sites.  At first glance you might think it just has to do with money, but it also has to do with ease of use and the familiarity of doing business on the internet.

Today’s families and nannies do things online using phone calls and emails only when absolutely necessary.  The ease of use of online nanny services is a major advantage for today’s busy families and nannies. But, many parents still want and need the personal connection and screening nanny agencies provide and are willing to pay for it, but they also want 24/7 access to their own personal account for more routine matters.  Families don’t want to spend time on the phone giving job orders and other issues that can be handled online.  They want to place their job at their leisure online and speak to the placement counselor about candidates appropriate for them.

Nanny agency management software is your bridge to the online world.  It provides the  seamless internet experience that people are used to today along with the personal touch that is so needed.  It helps you level the playing field against the giants in both placements and online recruiting.

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