Is your website holding back your agency’s growth?

Posted on 02 December, 2013 No Comments

By, Steve Lampert

In today’s highly competitive nanny agency environment website design plays a very large role in an agency’s ability to grow. Think about it like this: You’re driving down a major shopping street looking for a place for coffee and you come across a local coffee business that has an old sign, isn’t well lit and doesn’t look appealing from the street. What do you do? You drive right by until you come to either a Starbucks or an inviting local business. This is the same choice your prospective customers are making.

Where do most people begin? With a Google search and of course and Sittercity will pop up in the paid results and probably in the free results as well. The prospective client (and candidates too!) will click on one or two online services and a couple of local nanny agencies too. They see 4 local results and click on the link to two of them. One is a new, well designed agency website and the other is a 5 year old, out of date website. Which one will they click?

Many people are not even aware why they drive by that out of date store or why they don’t spend time on a particular website – but they sure feel it!

Not only are nanny agencies competing against the big online services, they are also competing against local agencies that may have good website design. I’m delighted to see that there are more and more agencies that have beautiful, effective, up-to-date designs that hold their own against the big guys.

Why don’t agencies update their designs more often? I see these reasons: Cost, not knowing where to go and lack of time. I have some great referrals for excellent low cost design work. For the time part, I’d say it’s well worth the investment of your time for the increased placements you will make. A good designer can take most of the stress out of the process.

Contact me if you would like some referrals. I make no money from these referrals, I sincerely want agencies to improve their websites. Steve

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