How Nanny Agencies use Social Media and their Websites to Increase Business

Posted on 13 January, 2014 No Comments

By Steve Lampert

Part one of a series

Happy New Year!  Isn’t now a perfect time to think about your online presence in 2014? I’m sure you’ve heard about nanny agencies that are using their website and social media in ways that improve their business and would like to know more.

What is “online presence”? It’s your website and mainly Facebook, Yelp, Twitter and LinkedIn. I know it feels overwhelming just to think about all these, much less keeping up with all of them. But if you start with just one, and you have a goal in mind, much can be accomplished with just a little time and discipline.

In these articles we’ll go through the various ways that successful agencies are using their website, blog and social media to grow their businesses step-by-step. Also, it’s always a great help to attend the annual INA and APNA conferences. Many agencies are growing their businesses successfully, year by year using these techniques.

If I had to breakdown by importance each of these by importance here is how I would rank them.

  1. Website   A modern, effective up-to-date website will get you the most bang for the buck and it doesn’t require much input once it’s done
  2. Facebook   Used to post new jobs, information of interest to parents and nannies. Excellent to improve your credibility when a family or candidate is checking your agency out.
  3. Yelp  People use Yelp to find new businesses – not just restaurants
  4. LinkedIn  A solid way to establish your agency’s credibility with prospective clients
  5. Blog  Keeps your audience engaged and builds your credibility online. Use blog posts in your other social media
  6. Twitter   Used mainly business to business. It’s another good way to build up online credibility with clients and candidates.

Used together these tools announce to prospective clients and candidates that you are a real, solid business. In today’s world it’s all about making your business credible without paid advertising.

The next installment will be on how nanny agencies are using Facebook to gain candidates and clients

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