How Nanny Agencies use Facebook to increase their credibility. Become a new client magnet!

Posted on 22 January, 2014 No Comments

By, Steve Lampert
Managing Director

Nanny agencies around the world are discovering the benefits of having an active Facebook business page. Agencies are using Facebook to broadcast new jobs to their nanny followers which shows the nannies that the agency is an active place likely to find them a job. This will attract new candidates for the agency as the nannies responses to the agency get sent to the nannies’ friends. It also will bring in new nannies and clients when someone types in “nanny” or a related keyword into the Facebook search.

Agencies post congratulations to nannies they have found jobs for with pictures of the smiling nanny. Everyone loves some attention!

Families are attracted to the agency by posting articles on child-related activities as well as by articles of interest to parents. These articles can be linked from something the agency found on the internet and don’t even need to be written by the agency.

What’s very important, is that is that you’re building your agency’s credibility post by post without expecting anything in return. When a family or a nanny finds your website, they’ll likely click on your social media links to see what’s there. An active page even everything isn’t necessarily relevant to both nannies and families shows that your agency is “alive” and up-to-date. There are also big benefits to your SEO by having lots of social media content.

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