CareMatchPro Announces Enhanced Features to Assist Corporate Backup Childcare Programs

Posted on 17 December, 2014 No Comments, a leading provider of childcare, babysitting, and nanny services management software announced new enhanced features that will assist businesses in providing their employees with on-call babysitting while employees are at work. “Corporate backup childcare programs have been a problem for many businesses because it is difficult to locate and manage babysitters for employees in a timely and efficient manner”, stated CEO Steve Lampert. “Our solution allows corporations to locate, schedule, and manage babysitters rapidly using the agency of their choice through a single cloud-based Internet location, thus reducing the complexity of managing babysitters for employees”, he continued. “We understand that businesses provide babysitting and nanny services to their employees as a professional courtesy, but need to be able to focus on their own business agendas with a minimum amount of management required to sustain these programs”.

Nanny agencies retained by corporate customers are able to fill and manage any number of placements using less staff. CareMatchPro works by giving agencies the power to search for candidates on any criteria and showing only candidates whose schedules are open. Built-in texting and email gives the agency the ability to contact multiple candidates with one simple operation. The platform allows for jobs to be imported directly from the corporate backup childcare referral source into the agency’s program for a seamless transition.

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