Webinar: Run your services business

Posted on 27 April, 2015 No Comments

We’re delighted to have run a webinar presented by Irvine Builds Businesses on April 2 on the subject “Run your services business before it runs you”. Thanks to Robert Coleman of the Pacific Venture Club for inviting me. We think nanny, babysitting and other agencies will learn from this webinar.

Here are some of the highlights discussed in the program:

  • Why is this business model attractive?
  • Drawbacks of service businesses
  • Building a team to handle your website, marketing, SEO, Social Media and more
  • Optimizing your business for profits
  • Caregivers: independent contractors or employees?
  • Focusing on securing a good supply of quality caregivers
  • Clients — The reason you are in business
  • How to market your services to both clients and candidates
  • Talking about money — how you charge and collect

We think you’ll find this webinar very informative and educational for nanny agencies and babysitting agencies. View it at: Run your service business before it runs you!

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