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How CareMatchPro was born

It all started with a nanny agency…

The founder, Steve Lampert, purchased Buckingham Nannies in 1994. As he was learning the nanny business, the internet was born and his fascination with all things internet began. In 2001 he founded which rapidly became one of the largest online nanny databases in the country. eNannySource was based on knowledge gleaned from the nanny agency business. During the ownership of Buckingham Nannies it was apparent that nanny and babysitting services needed a way to bring jobs and candidates into one system.

We’re proud to provide nanny agencies with time saving software that is the equal of any in any industry worldwide! Nanny & Babysitting Agency Database Software

CareMatchPro came into existence from the founder’s experience with the nanny agency business and the online world. Steve has had a strong attachment to the nanny industry for many years and wanted to create software that would help agencies run more efficiently. Agency owners work very hard with everyday pressures from both families and candidates. Too much time is spent looking for information and going from program to program. The nanny business deserved to have the software that every other industry had. The combination of running a brick and mortar agency and an online nanny service was the perfect vantage point to bring an advanced recruitment software system to nanny and household placement agencies around the world.

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