Features & Pricing


Everything about your candidates in one place!

Your candidates make their applications directly from your website and flow into your account. All your candidates are viewable in one convenient place. Follow your candidates through your vetting process and placement.


All jobs conveniently listed for you to find and match

Sort your jobs and clients quickly and efficiently for fast placement. No searching around for your jobs! Your clients give you jobs directly from your website and ready for you to act on. No searching around for jobs in one database and candidates in another.


Fill your babysitting jobs in minutes!

Babysitting jobs need to be acted on quickly. With CareMatchPro you can be in touch with dozens of candidates by email and text within minutes of receiving the job.


Text & email multiple candidates at one time

Within minutes of receiving a new job get in touch with as many candidates as you’d like by email and text. Include a job profile quickly created by your CareMatchPro account and attach any documents needed-all conveniently stored in your account.


Create custom fields for both clients and candidates

Have questions that aren’t on our job application and job order forms? Easily add your own custom questions to your forms.


Affordable pricing for all agency sizes. We specialize in helping newer agencies get their agency running efficiently so that you can make more placements with less stress.

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$150 Per Month up-to 2 Users

  • $50 per month for each additional user.
  • There is a $250 one time installation fee.
  • No contract required.